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Our Crystal Lake Divorce Mediation Attorneys Explain the Importance of Understanding Trial Costs

Crystal Lake divorce mediation attorneys will explain how much litigation can cost in both emotional and financial terms. The Costs of Litigation Should Be Explained in Detail Your Crystal Lake divorce mediation attorneys should make certain to explain how costly… Read more »

The Use of Mediation in a Divorce in Illinois

The settlement and mediation processes are among the most difficult legal aspects of divorce in Illinois. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that is designed to resolve your dispute without requiring that you go to trial. Woodstock lawyers… Read more »

Crystal Lake Divorce Mediation Attorney Discusses Hidden Assets

As your Crystal Lake divorce mediation attorney will explain to you, one of the most frequent issues that occur during high-conflict divorces is when one spouse attempts to hide assets. There are several ways in which your spouse might try… Read more »