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Our Crystal Lake Divorce Mediation Attorneys Explain the Importance of Understanding Trial Costs

Crystal Lake divorce mediation attorneys will explain how much litigation can cost in both emotional and financial terms. The Costs of Litigation Should Be Explained in Detail Your Crystal Lake divorce mediation attorneys should make certain to explain how costly… Read more »

McHenry Divorce Attorneys Explain How to Prepare for Child Custody Evaluations

If parties have attempted to resolve their child custody dispute on their own or through mediation and have failed, our McHenry divorce attorneys may explain the next step in the process. The judiciary may use a variety of tools to help… Read more »

McHenry Divorce Mediation Attorney Discusses the Cost of Litigation

A McHenry divorce mediation attorney says the decision-making process should not use a single-track approach. For example, if the court contemplates a 55/45 split in the client’s favor and the lawyer says the case calls for a 60/40 division as… Read more »