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Handling Grief During A Divorce

Divorce is bound to produce many emotions for all parties involved. This is true even for the person filing the action. Often a Woodstock family lawyer will encounter a client who is still handling the grieving process of their divorce. It is not uncommon, and there are methods to getting through it.

Stages of Grief a Woodstock Family Lawyer Will Often See

Woodstock Family LawyerThere are numerous stages of grief that a Woodstock family attorney will see clients go through. They include:

1) Shock from the initial realization that a divorce is happening.

2) Denial that it is really something that the spouse wants.

3) Anger at the rejection and possibly threats of repercussions for the decision to divorce.

4) Bargaining for a possible reconciliation with promises to fix whatever it was that led to the divorce decision.

5) Acceptance that the marriage is ending and it’s time to move on.

A Woodstock Family Attorney Can Help a Client to Understand Grief

It is part of being human to experience grief. While a Woodstock family lawyer can explain the process and provide coping skills based on experience, it’s something a person will generally have to deal with in their own time. If a person who is divorcing chooses to make the process as difficult as possible, it is going to do little more than slow the resolution of the divorce.

Getting over the Grief from a Divorce with Help from a Woodstock Family Attorney

Even if a Woodstock family lawyer sees signs of the client getting over the grief from a divorce, there can be a return to the negative emotions after they seem to have passed. It can only take a small occurrence such as a special occasion that was once shared as a family to send the person back into a feeling of denial or any of the other stages of grief.

Contact an Experienced Woodstock Family Lawyer

If you are divorcing and are having trouble understanding or getting beyond the grieving process that accompanies this life-changing decision, a Woodstock family lawyer can help. Call the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529- 4554 today to discuss your case.