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Our Woodstock Family Lawyer Addresses Grief and Divorce

During a divorce, our Woodstock family lawyer often sees clients who are dealing with a plethora of emotions, including grief and anger, at the loss of their marriage. They often do not recognize that a divorce is similar to death as people face their divorce and deal with grief.

Grief During a Divorce

In addition to anger, the grief process includes numerous stages, such as denial, pain, bargaining, depression, fear and finally, acceptance. A person might jump around between these stages, and two people will likely react to the same event in different ways. If you and your partner are not at the same place in the grieving process, you will probably struggle with negotiating your differences during the divorce. You will likely need time to sort through this process. Our lawyers in Woodstock IL can provide you with suggestions on how to do this. In some cases, one spouse simply believes that their partner does not care about the divorce. He or she cannot move forward unless he or she thinks that the other person is also transitioning through the grieving process. Although he or she is likely grieving as well, they are showing their feelings much differently, even hiding them behind a stone wall or talking incessantly to cover their pain. Open communication in these cases can help the couple deal with their pain and move forward with the process. Discuss your concerns about communication with our Woodstock family lawyer.

Anger During a Divorce

People sometimes use anger during a divorce instead of addressing the root emotion that lies beneath the anger. They might default to anger for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They view the divorce as an attack against them, lashing out in response.
  • They struggle to identify with and communicate the underlying emotions, feeling that they will instead appear weak.
  • They use anger as a defensive mechanism.
  • They are frustrated or uncertain about the future.

While it’s easy to respond in anger when someone rages at you, it’s usually better to do nothing and to leave the situation. While you can acknowledge the other person’s feelings calmly, you do not need to waste your energy by reacting to tirades. He or she will see that you are refusing to engage, which can help defuse the situation. If both parties are angry, the divorce will take longer as you will not be able to negotiate. However, refusing to react is admittedly difficult, especially since you are dealing with your own frustrations about the divorce.

Call Our Woodstock Family Lawyer

For help in addressing the emotional gap between you and your partner during a divorce, contact our lawyers in Woodstock IL from the Stetler Law Group at (877) 812-4273.