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Understanding Parenting Plans With the Help of Your McHenry Divorce Attorney

McHenry divorce attorneyDepending on your family situation, a divorce judge could issue parenting plans as part of your settlement. As your McHenry divorce attorney will explain, these plans are meant to offer guidance for spouses who will now be sharing the responsibility of raising children in separate locations. A McHenry divorce lawyer who has been through many of these proceedings will tell you that parenting plans can be one page or a dozen. How these plans are put to use will be entirely up to you.

Flexibility With Parenting Plans

Your McHenry divorce attorney will inform you that the parenting plans aren’t enforceable. That is because there are too many real world variables that will upset even the most thorough of plans. Try as they might, a court can’t compel anyone to be a good parent. You can’t call your McHenry divorce lawyer every time your spouse brings a child home late. That is simply going to happen from time to time. It might even happen with you. What your McHenry divorce attorney will always stress is to put your child’s needs first especially in the early stages of adjustment.

Why Parenting Plans Fail

A skilled McHenry divorce attorney will point out that parenting plans often fail for two reasons. Either the spouse is still grieving over the divorce and/or they are having trouble adjusting to life as a single parent. In both of these instances, anger is a typical response. That anger can be directed to a spouse. It can also be directed towards the children. If you are overwhelmed with this transition, you might ask your McHenry divorce lawyer to recommend a therapist. Being able to talk out your issues with an objective third party can be a huge relief.

Lean on Your McHenry Divorce Attorney

With children, you’ll be involved with your ex-spouse whether you like it or not. A compassionate McHenry divorce attorney can help guide you through this difficult journey. You’ll find these exact kind of compassionate McHenry divorce attorneys working at the Stetler Law Group. Call them today at (815) 529-4554 to discuss your situation.