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Understanding Parenting Plans and How to Get Beyond Anger after a Divorce

Crystal Lake Family Law AttorneyWoodstock family lawyer will explain parenting plans, why they’re difficult to enforce and how anger can negatively affect the parents and children.

An Attorney from the Woodstock Family Law Firm Will Help a Client Understand Parenting Plans

Often, a divorce court will issue orders on how parents who are ending their union will raise their children. These are unenforceable and rarely work. This is because it’s impossible to predict what will happen over the course of a child’s life and how parents will react to it. Courts can’t interfere with parents unless there is something illegal happening. It’s impossible to oversee regardless of the good intentions of the court and parents.

Reasons Why Shared Parenting Doesn’t Work

Shared parenting frequently fails for two basic reasons:

  • The parents are having trouble dealing with the changes as a result of the divorce and are feeling grief. It takes time to accept that the marriage is over. People become angry at what happened and stagnate without getting beyond it.
  • It can be difficult adjusting from marriage to being single again and having to be a parent on top of it. Frustration sets in and this can result in anger and a decision not to comply with the court ordered parenting plan.


Getting Beyond Anger and Sharing Parenting

The parenting plan is simply a guideline that is meant to help the parents organize how they handle their duties. Sharing parenting and getting beyond anger are two steps that will benefit both parents and the children. While parents know that the children should be the focal point, lingering bitterness interferes. If a plan is created with sound reasoning and is easy to follow, it’s more likely to be adhered to.
Contact an Experienced Woodstock Family Lawyer

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