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Tips on Shared Parenting

McHenry divorce lawyerAdjusting to a shared parenting relationship can be challenging for you and your children. Your McHenry divorce lawyer has seen a number of shared parenting relationships and can offer valuable advice on acclimating to your new status.


Your McHenry divorce lawyer will note that you need to be aware of differences in parenting approaches and how these differences affect your child. For example, if your former spouse’s home offers an unstructured environment, your children may develop alternate ways to create the structure they need. When they come to your house, they may still try to follow the routines they’ve established. If your home is more structured, you may find them resisting the new structure. If this problem occurs, your McHenry divorce lawyer may recommend providing them with an opportunity to decompress as they make the transition. You should be able to determine fairly quickly what is needed, which may be nothing more than letting them play in their rooms for a few hours.


Another issue your McHenry divorce lawyer can discuss with you is concerns you may have about the other parent’s ability to provide a safe environment for your children. For example, you may learn that your former spouse is not using proper car seats while driving the children or is leaving them unattended for long periods of time. If you have these concerns, your McHenry divorce lawyer may recommend creating a parental log to record these events as they occur. Your McHenry divorce lawyer can use this log as evidence if you want to challenge the custody arrangements. However, your McHenry divorce lawyer will emphasize that the courts are only interested in events that reflect threats to the actual physical welfare of your children. Courts will not referee different parenting styles.

The McHenry divorce attorneys at the Stetler Law Group can help you address shared parenting issues. Call them at 815-529-4554 to arrange for a consultation.