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How to Share Parenting Effectively After a Divorce

Woodstock Family LawyerA Woodstock family lawyer will give advice to help with sharing parenting post-divorce.

Don’t Try to Exhibit Too Much Control

If your former spouse doesn’t feed the child a diet that you think is healthy, you can’t do much about it. Your Woodstock family law attorney will explain that you are able to ensure that the child is fed in the way you prefer when you are caring for the child. You can enroll your child in the school breakfast and lunch programs, and make certain that they’re eating the meals. You can give vitamins and minerals to the child and keep up-to-date with doctor visits. Keep track of everything.

There are different viewpoints between you and your ex-spouse. Some strategies are more successful than others. Unless your ex-spouse is engaged in illegal activities, the court is not going to interfere. If you truly believe that the ex-spouse is placing the child’s health in danger, you can take steps and inform the court.

Maintain a Schedule

It is important that the child sees you as reliable. You don’t want the child to be standing around waiting for you for hours on end. That can only harm the child and your relationship with him or her. Divorce is hard enough on the children. Making matters worse with unreliability is not going to help them. What this will also do is make the child believe that you don’t care about the relationship. If you fail to adhere to a schedule, it can also cause friction with the ex-spouse as well. Make certain that you are either on time or if lateness is unavoidable, you call first. This will help the relationship with both the ex-spouse and the child.

Speak to a Qualified Woodstock Family Lawyer

If you have questions about strategies to share parenting after a divorce, a Woodstock family law attorney can help. Call the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 today.