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Parenting Plans for Kids 6 to 8

Mchenry family lawyerAs you discuss potential custody arrangements, your Mchenry family lawyer may explain that parenting plans can be different for each age group. Kids of this age cherish time with both parents and do not want to feel disloyal to their parents.

Developmental Needs

A Mchenry family lawyer can explain the developmental needs of children this age. Namely, children of this age are in tune with their feelings regarding the divorce. They may cry and mourn when time with a parent ends. Children of this age often hope that their parents get back together and sometimes are forced into the role of taking care of the emotional needs of their parents. However, a Mchenry family lawyer can explain that children are the ones who need protection during this age. They should not be privy to conflict between the spouses or negative information related to the divorce.

Potential Problems

A Mchenry family law attorney can warn against taking certain action that can adversely affect your child. For example, he or she may warn against trying to make your child feel ashamed to enjoy time with the other parent. Additionally, one parent can harm the child’s relationship with the other parent by speaking badly about him or her in front of the child. Instead, children should have freedom to contact and become emotionally attached to both parents.

Signs of Problems

Children may have certain behaviors if they are struggling with the divorce. For example, they may become inattentive or misbehave in school. Additionally, they may say that they do not like school because they feel that they are inadequate in dealing with the family problems. Children may also say things that they think their parent wants to hear instead of what the truth is.

Potential Parenting Plans

Kids this age are discovering themselves and transitioning by entering school. They are gaining an independent sense of self that is not connected to their identity at home. School provides a source for smooth transactions. Kids may spend four to five days away from a parent at a time. Parenting plans should provide consistency and predictability.

If you would like to devise a parenting plan for your young school-aged child, contact a Mchenry family law attorney from the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554.