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Our Crystal Lake Divorce Attorney Discusses Parenting Plans for the Teen Years

Our Crystal Lake Divorce Attorney gavel and booksA Crystal Lake divorce attorney can explain that as your child ages, a new parenting plan may need to be implemented. This strategy can take your individual child’s needs and development into consideration.

Factors That Affect Teen Parenting Plans

A Crystal Lake divorce attorney may discuss the trend in children of this age becoming more independent. Peer relationships may be more important during this stage of development. During this age, some children begin to experiment with alcohol, drugs, sex, and truancy. Parents who do not cooperate together may be more likely to see their children involved in these activities as the focus is diverted from the children or the children learn to pit the parents against each other. Another factor that may come into play during this time is a child’s emotional state. He or she may experience sadness or depression over his or her parents’ divorce. As the child emotionally develops, he or she may grasp the realities of divorce, such as the parents not getting back together or the thought of having less money available for college.

Increased Supervision

To account for this trying time in their children’s lives, parents should try to increase supervision. They should establish clear boundaries and expectations. They should also serve as role models to their children. Consequences should be clearly stated and executed when children’s behavior does not align with these expectations.


A Crystal Lake divorce attorney can explain that the parents’ relationship with each other during this time will help predict a child’s future relationships and ability to communicate. Divorcing parents must strive to remain in contact regarding the child’s development and behavior.

Legal Assistance from a Crystal Lake Divorce Attorney

If you would like assistance in drafting a parenting plan for teen children, a Crystal Lake divorce attorney may be able to help. Contact the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 to schedule a consultation.