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The Use of Mediation in a Divorce in Illinois

divorce in illinoisThe settlement and mediation processes are among the most difficult legal aspects of divorce in Illinois. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that is designed to resolve your dispute without requiring that you go to trial. Woodstock lawyers can help you decide if mediation is an acceptable alternative to settling your financial or custody dispute in court.


Mediation is an incredibly useful option for many people going through the divorce process as it encourages active involvement. If both you and your spouse are actively involved in negotiations, you are more likely to proceed in a positive and productive way. Those who take on significant roles in deciding their post-divorce lives are more likely to resolve issues in a non-confrontational way than those who have been delivered strict orders by the court. Mediation is especially useful if you have children and will be continually linked to your former spouse for the remainder of your lives. In such cases, mediation can generate divorce outcomes that are easier for all parties to live with both during the proceedings and long after the divorce is finalized.

The Mediation Process

Our Woodstock lawyers can facilitate the mediation process according to rules within your local jurisdiction. In most cases, mediation is mandatory before you can proceed with divorce if you have custody and visitation issues to resolve. In some uncommon cases, mediation is used to address your economic issues and divide property, but this usually results in a civil agreement rather than a court order. Mediation is conducted by a mediator, typically a family law attorney, who has training and certification in the practice of mediation. In some jurisdictions, mediation involves only you, your spouse and a mediator. Others allow attorneys to have an active presence in the mediation process. While there are no witnesses in mediation, your attorney should have a strong understanding of witness testimony if your case goes to trial.

Contact a Lawyer for Help With Divorce in Illinois

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