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McHenry Divorce Attorneys Explain How to Prepare for Child Custody Evaluations

child McHenry Divorce AttorneysIf parties have attempted to resolve their child custody dispute on their own or through mediation and have failed, our McHenry divorce attorneys may explain the next step in the process. The judiciary may use a variety of tools to help resolve child custody disputes. In many cases, a guardian ad litem is appointed. This individual is responsible for representing the child’s interests during the court proceedings. This individual or one of the parties may ask for a psychological professional to conduct an evaluation.

Involvement of Psychological Evaluations

Many judges believe that a psychological evaluation is not necessary just because child custody is the central legal issue. However, many courts prefer to utilize the services of a psychological professional in order to provide comprehensive information to the fact finder so that he or she can make an informed decision regarding what is in the best interest of the child. Alternatively, one or both of the parents may use a psychological evaluation in order to bolster their own case.


Before parents meet with a psychological evaluator, they may meet with their McHenry divorce attorneys for preparation on this part of the case. While the basic premise to tell the truth is a key component to a successful evaluation, McHenry divorce attorneys may be able to provide more information about this process and tips to make the best impression at the evaluation.

After an Evaluation

After a psychological evaluation is completed, the parties may revisit the conversation of settlement. Parents may have an additional incentive to settle their child custody dispute if they are facing an adverse psychological evaluation. This is especially true given the expense related to hiring McHenry divorce attorneys and litigating a case.

Legal Assistance from McHenry Divorce Attorneys

If a psychological evaluation will be part of your child custody case, McHenry divorce attorneys may be able to provide information and support through this process. For more information on this topic, contact the Stetler Law Group by calling (815) 529-4554.