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Our McHenry Divorce Attorneys Address Depositions

McHenry Divorce AttorneysClients often express their concerns about depositions to our McHenry divorce attorneys. When your marriage ends, your partner’s attorney will take your deposition while your lawyer will likely take your partner’s deposition. While official, a deposition takes place outside of the courtroom in a conference room at the office of your partner’s lawyer or at the office of our McHenry divorce attorneys. Before the deposition, you will be asked to swear that you are telling the truth, and then opposing counsel will question you. A court reporter will take down your statement, which might even be recorded. In addition, your lawyer will object if the other attorney asks inappropriate questions.

What the Attorneys Want to Learn During the Deposition

During the deposition, the opposing attorneys generally ask questions about alimony, property and assets, child custody and job information, especially if one person is self-employed. The other attorney is trying to find out some of the following information:

  • How you respond under pressure,
  • The consistency of your testimony or if you will change your story down the road,
  • If you are a poor or a good witness and
  • If you are honest and truthful.

The other lawyer might be looking for any way to challenge your testimony or raise doubt during a cross-examination. Our McHenry divorce attorneys can review possible deposition questions and answers with you ahead of time.

Possible Deposition Questions

During the deposition, the lawyer will likely cover the following topics:

  • Personal data
  • An overview of your health
  • General information about your children and relevant child custody issues
  • Where you live
  • What happened to end your marriage
  • Your schooling
  • Your current job and work history
  • Your rate of pay and benefits
  • Bank account information, including checking, savings, investments, cash on hand and retirement accounts
  • Family business interests where applicable
  • Your lifestyle and budget
  • Poor behavior

Call Our McHenry Divorce Attorneys

If you have questions about preparing for a deposition, talk to our McHenry divorce attorneys at the Stetler Law Group. Call (815) 529-4554 today.