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Making Schedules and Helping Children Grow Accustomed to a Divorce

Woodstock family attorney

A Woodstock family attorney can provide advice for helping parents handle situating children with the new circumstances.

A Woodstock Family Attorney Will Stress the Importance of Setting a Schedule

If there is a set schedule for contact and interaction with children, your Woodstock family lawyer will tell you that a lot of trouble can be avoided. There are bound to be peaks and valleys in a post-divorce relationship, and with a schedule that doesn’t need to be negotiated, much aggravation and bickering can be averted.

A Woodstock Family Lawyer Will Tell Parents to Remember How Things Worked While They Were Married

A Woodstock family attorney will explain why it’s imperative to maintain a similar schedule after the marriage to what there was during the marriage. This can only benefit children and make the transition more easily. If there are changes necessary, everyone should be on the same page with the child involved.

Be Aware of the Interests of Younger Children

The parents’ desires should be secondary to what’s in the best interests of the children, especially younger children. A Woodstock family attorney often sees parents who put their own feelings ahead of the child. If the child doesn’t have contact with both parents on a regular basis, this can be negative. Any issues that might put the child in danger must be addressed with the court.

A Woodstock Family Attorney Will Point Out the Importance of Recreational and Everyday Involvement

Children need structure and parental encouragement. Homework, sporting activities, responsibilities around the house – all of these things can give the child organization and a feeling that both parents care enough to participate.

Contact an Experienced Woodstock Family Lawyer

If you have questions about how to handle scheduling and the care of children after a divorce, a Woodstock family attorney can help. Call the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 today.