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Our Lawyers in Woodstock IL Discuss Child Custody Evaluations

Lawyers in Woodstock IL When divorcing parents are unable to agree on a child custody arrangement, the family court must make that determination. In deciding what custody arrangement would be most beneficial to the child, the judge may order a child custody evaluation. If you are facing such a situation, there are some issues to be aware of in preparing for the evaluation.


Evaluators are seeking everything that is relevant and as such may wish access to privileged information. Depending on the nature of that information, you may waive a doctor/patient or therapist/patient privilege, for example, or choose not to. Although lawyers in Woodstock IL can explain that an evaluator may come to a negative conclusion if you do not grant access to your records, the potential downside for full disclosure could be worse. For instance, treatment for drug abuse or mental instability could greatly impact the evaluation. If any questionable areas exist, you must be completely forthright with your attorney, who can recommend an appropriate strategy. This should be done prior to the initial meeting with the child custody evaluator.

Psychological Testing

Child custody evaluations typically involve a battery of standardized psychological tests. The best approach is to not overthink the questions and answer what you think the evaluator wants to hear. Instead, relax and just answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Children are also tested in many cases, although very seldom under four years old. Experienced lawyers in Woodstock IL understand that the worst thing you can do is try and prepare a child for a test. Again, the best approach is to have the child be as comfortable as possible with the situation. This, however, does involve making sure the child is rested; make the appointment with the evaluator with your child’s schedule as the priority.

Contact Lawyers in Woodstock IL for Legal Advice

Few things in life are as difficult as not living every day with your child. Most family court judges place great weight on a child custody evaluation; it can be the single most important factor in establishing the living arrangement for your child. Get the answers you need and protect your rights; call the Stetler Law Group, lawyers in Woodstock IL, at (877) 812-4273.