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Illinois Retroactive Child Support

Judge gavel and dollars Illinois Retroactive Child SupportWhile many states restrict the amount of time that a person can collect child support to the date when the parent first applied for these services, an Illinois retroactive child support lawyer can explain how Illinois law differs. In many other states, the child support can be collected before the application was approved so long as an application for services was submitted. Illinois does not impose a time limit on how far back a person can collect child support.


This being said, a retroactive child support Illinois lawyer can explain that a court in the state does not have to grant retroactive child support. Instead, the family court where the case is being heard looks to several factors in making this decision, including the conduct of both parties, whether the parent was actively avoiding paying child support, the reason for the delay for requesting child support, and how a retroactive child support award would affect the parent who has to pay. Additionally, the court can limit the amount of child support that it orders based on particular circumstances involved in the case. Additionally, any money paid in child support during the retroactive period will be subtracted from the award.

Effect on Future Support

When retroactive child support is ordered, it is in addition to currently weekly child support. A retroactive child support Illinois lawyer can explain that the amount of retroactive child support cannot help reduce future payments that will be due and cannot be used to reduce future payments.

Legal Assistance with Retroactive Child Support

Individuals who are interested in pursuing retroactive child support or who want to understand what their options are regarding this complex legal issue may wish to speak with an Illinois retroactive child support lawyer. Contact Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 to set up a confidential consultation at your convenience.