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Handling Disparities in Grief and Anger During a Divorce

Mchenry Family LawyerA Mchenry family lawyer can assist clients with understanding and handling feelings of anger and grief in a divorce.

A Mchenry Family Lawyer Often Sees Disparities in Grief in a Divorce

When a divorce is occurring, there are sometimes various rates of grieving between the spouses. Many times, if there is a difference between how spouses are handling the divorce, it can impact its negotiation and settlement. If one is more grief-stricken than the other, it can lead to delays in concluding the process. Time is commonly the best healer when it comes to a disparity in grief.

The husband might be depressed and won’t be able to move forward until he believes the wife is grieving about the divorce as well.

How a Mchenry Family Law Attorney Will Help With Handling Anger

Anger is commonplace in a divorce. This is because:

  1. Anger is generally what spurred the divorce to begin with, and those feelings don’t simply go away. People are usually quick to respond to anger with anger;
  2. Being angry is contagious. When attacked in anger, the subject of the attack will respond in kind; and
  3. If the situation is chaotic, uncertain or frustrating, the only way some people have to deal with it is to become angry.

Methods to Deal With Anger

If there is anger, your lawyer will tell you not to respond angrily. It is a waste of energy to do so. The angry spouse must receive an acknowledgement of the anger, but responding with more anger can lead to the situation escalating. Maintaining calm is preferable than the natural reaction of fighting fire with fire.

Speak to an Experienced Mchenry Family Law Attorney

If you have questions about how to approach an angry spouse in a divorce proceeding, a lawyer can help. Call the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 today.