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Divorce in Illinois and Contact Schedules

divorce in illinoisWhen parents are going through divorce in Illinois, one of the primary considerations is how to continue to parent the children in a responsible manner. In order to establish expectations and consistency, parents may establish a contact schedule of timesharing. Here are some general tips on crafting a timesharing agreement how to get divorced in an amicable fashion.

Consider Tomorrow

The inclination for many people who are going through divorce in Illinois is to think about today. They may want the house to have immediate shelter but forget about the hefty mortgage payments. They may want money in bank accounts and not fight for retirement earnings. The same thing sometimes happens with timeshare agreements. The parents may only think about their preferences and their child’s needs today and forget about tomorrow. An infant’s needs are very different from those of a teenager.

Consistency Is Best

Even if two people going through divorce in Illinois are currently getting along, it is important for the future that a set schedule be established. This provides consistency and predictability for both the parents and child. The parents may be able to make modifications that suit them now, but if they need something to enforce later, it is best to establish a plan while the parents are getting along.

Consider the Role of Each Parent During the Marriage

If one parent was the primary caregiver during the marriage, it is important to maintain this role when getting a divorce in Illinois.

Both Parents Should Have Frequent and Continuing Contact with the Child

Absent abuse or other extraordinary circumstances, it is usually in the child’s best interests to have frequent and continuing with both parents after they get divorced. If a parent believes the other parent should not have this unfettered access, he or she is usually responsible for positively demonstrating this to the court. The burden is high, requiring the parent to show why having such contact would put the child’s emotional, mental or physical health at risk.

Parenting Time Should Include Recreational Time

The timesharing agreement should include time for fun, as well as time for ordinary household activities such as chores, grocery shopping and ordinary errands and outings.

Legal Assistance with Divorce in Illinois

If you would like more information about how to get divorced in an amicable manner, contact the Stetler Law Group by calling (877) 812-4273.