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How much does a divorce in Illinois cost?

This is often the first question I am asked.  I’ve practiced in McHenry County for a decade now and this is still one of the more difficult questions for me to answer as a lawyer of divorce in Illinois.

The truth is that neither I nor any other divorce lawyer can give you an exact answer most of the time.  Sure, there are situations, where issues are not contested and I can estimate the total time required.  However, there are usually multiple contested issues such as child support, child custody, alimony or maintenance, and division of property and debts.

Factors I discuss when trying to estimate the cost of a divorce in Illinois:

  1. Your attorney’s hourly rate;
  2. What issues are being contested;
  3. Are facts easy to determine or likely to be disputed;
  4. How contentious are you and your spouse;
  5. Is everybody emotionally ready for a divorce;
  6. Is the other attorney known for being unnecessarily combative or ill-prepared;
  7. Are experts such as psychologists, accountants, and appraisers necessary;

I’ve represented clients in divorces for a decade now throughout McHenry County.  The number one factor in determining how expensive your divorce is going to be is how litigious each side plans on being.  If emotions are still raw and one side or the other feels slighted (and is seeking his or her “pound of flesh”) the process can be lengthy and expensive, even if there is virtually nothing to divide.  However, even complex divorces can be relatively inexpensive if everyone is open, honest and truly interested in compromise.  If you are in Woodstock, McHenry, Crystal Lake or any other area of McHenry County and need a divorce lawyer, please contact me for a free initial consultation.