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How to Determine Whether or Not You Need a Family Attorney


Woodstock Family LawyerNot every family can resolve their issues without help. In many cases, the issues grow to the point that help from a Woodstock family lawyer is required. This article discusses some of these situations in order to help you decide when you should consider engaging an attorney.

Spousal or Child Abuse

Violence on the part of one of the spouses places the other in a position such that decisions are made based on fear of what the abuser will do if the spouse is not compliant. Your Woodstock family law attorney becomes an ally who can represent you and speak for you, sparing you the need to subject yourself to confrontations with a potentially violent person. Your lawyer can also see that you and your children are removed from harm’s way and placed in contact with organizations that can help and support you.

Finding the Common Ground

Couples who are seeking an uncontested divorce must be able to reach a consensus on several important matters. Division of the marital estate, any payments from one spouse to the other such as alimony or child support if children are involved, which parent holds custody of the children, rights of the other to visit, parental responsibilities and other such considerations must be resolved. If a consensus is impossible and an impasse is reached even if you and your spouse can come to terms, the assistance of an impartial Woodstock family law attorney can help resolve differences or evaluate a settlement once it is achieved.

Investigations and Evidence

The assistance of a Woodstock family lawyer will be necessary if your situation requires that you investigate the possibility of infidelity on the part of your spouse or parental fitness in a custody battle. Your attorney can use legal means to require information from the opposition, can depose witnesses and gather such evidence or documentation as you might need in order to pursue your case.

Meeting the State Mandated Standards

Every case must conform to certain legal specifications set by the state as in the question of which parent should have custody of minor children. In making this decision, the court places the child’s welfare at the forefront with the applicable legal standard being the “best interest of the child.” The court must ascertain which of the two parents is in the best position to successfully care for the children, which is the more reliable parent in terms of maintaining a safe, law-abiding, comfortable, loving household and which can be relied upon to avoid hostility or resentment in dealings with the other parent. After the decision is made it can be altered only if special circumstances arise that provide the court with a valid reason to change or rescind custody.

Keeping an Equal Advantage

If your spouse has retained legal counsel, you should also. Failure to observe any of the myriad details in the legal aspects of your case could have grave if not disastrous consequences. By enlisting the aid of your Woodstock family lawyer you place yourself on an equal footing with your spouse and ensure that you have someone on your side who will act on your behalf.

If You Need Legal Advice

Don’t hesitate to call your Woodstock family lawyer if you are involved in a situation such as any of the above. Contact the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 today.