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Your Crystal Lake Family Lawyer Discusses Child Contact Guidelines

Crystal Lake family lawyer Your Crystal Lake family lawyer can explain that parental behaviors have a strong influence on how their children emotionally adjust. This is particularly true after their parents divorce. Here are a few guidelines that your Crystal Lake family lawyer may provide you regarding having meaningful contact with your children after divorce.

Put Your Children’s Needs First

Your children’s needs have to be at the forefront of your attention during this emotionally trying time. Ensure that their emotional needs are met and that your children have ample opportunity to develop in a normal fashion.

Provide Frequent Contact

Your Crystal Lake family attorney can explain that children thrive when both parents are involved in their lives. Help them by providing continuing, frequent contact with both parents.

Keep It Positive

All contact should be positive and pleasant between parents and children. This contact should provide them with a positive sense of self. Time with parents should include some fun, but it should also include normal and routine activities like laundry, grocery shopping and household chores. Provide recreational time as well, such as going to the library, beach or park. At the same time, children should be given a chance to form rituals and memories with their parents, such as by having certain customs at holidays or starting a collection together.

Create a Schedule

Provide your child with a calendar that shows the time that he or she has with each parent so that you can provide consistency and certainty.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information on children contact guidelines, contact Crystal Lake family lawyer Michael R. Stetler by calling (815) 529-4554.