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A Crystal Lake Family Law Attorney Discusses Contact Visits

Crystal Lake Family Law Attorney Divorce is difficult enough for children to cope with without being set by one parent against the other. A Crystal Lake family law attorney goes into more detail in the paragraphs below.

Spy Network: Your Crystal Lake Family Lawyer’s View

When discussing the purpose of contact visits, your Crystal Lake family lawyer must often remind parents that these are not intended to serve as a means for one parent to keep watch over the other. Using children in this capacity places them squarely between two parents who are, in the children’s view, fighting. This leads to divided loyalties, fear of rejection by one parent or the other and increases the feeling of loss. Whether or not parents are on amicable terms with each other, the children should never see hostility between them if at all possible. Even if only for their sakes, be kind to each other. Simply put, it’s a matter of using one’s good sense and following that ancient guiding principle: “As ye would have others do unto you, do ye also unto them.”

Work Together

It is important for parents to work with each other to resolve any emotional or other difficulties that their children might undergo after contact visits. Further, any decisions concerning discipline of the children, if necessary, should be arrived at through mutual cooperation between the parents.

Your Children’s Future

As children grow, they need the support, love and guidance of both their parents. This holds whether or not the parents remain married. By keeping the contact visits as smooth, uneventful and comfortable as possible, trauma is reduced and the children’s emotional development can progress with as little disruption as possible.

Courtesy and Respect

When dropping off or picking up children from contact visits, parents should do their best to maintain a cordial attitude toward one another. Be on time whether dropping off or picking up whether at the other parent’s home or somewhere else as desired. This might be a shopping mall, supermarket or other place where everyone can feel comfortable. Allowing the children to do a little shopping might ease any tensions.

For Additional Information

Your Crystal Lake family law attorney can provide you with many suggestions that can help you as you plan and conduct contact visits. If you need help, call Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 today.