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Our Crystal Lake Divorce Mediation Attorneys Explain the Importance of Understanding Trial Costs

Crystal Lake Divorce Mediation Attorneys law book and gavelCrystal Lake divorce mediation attorneys will explain how much litigation can cost in both emotional and financial terms.

The Costs of Litigation Should Be Explained in Detail

Your Crystal Lake divorce mediation attorneys should make certain to explain how costly litigation can be when you have your first meeting. It should also be reinforced every month when you receive your invoice for the work the attorneys are doing for you. The costs should be discussed even prior to negotiations to come to a possible settlement and avoid trial. After the discovery portion of the case is complete, the facts of the case and issues that it involves will be understood, and the attorney can have a gauge on how long and expensive the trial is likely to be. There should not be any unexpected occurrences once the discovery is finished. The lawyer will presumably have discussed the fees that will be charged for trying the case. There are other costs that must be touched upon including paying for depositions, experts, and subpoenaing witnesses. It is wise to speak to your attorney about your goals when going to trial, what your attorney thinks can be accomplished by going to trial, and what might be achieved in a settlement. Your attorney should also help you understand what will be different in the trial when the settlement negotiations have failed. It is also important that the attorney convince the judge that recommendations that were made to settle the proceeding should not be put into practice in the decision. The risk/reward of going to trial versus. pursuing a settlement must be analyzed. The attorney might think the judge is being unfair when making recommendations. For example, in a divorce case, there might be a belief that there should be a greater share in the estate or a higher award for child support.

Speak to Experienced Crystal Lake Divorce Mediation Attorneys

When preparing for a case, it is imperative to know the costs. Call (815) 529-4554 to speak to Crystal Lake divorce mediation attorneys at the Stetler Law Group today.