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A Woodstock Family Lawyer Addresses Child Contact Issues

Woodstock Family AttorneyA divorce is often more than the dissolution of a marriage. When children are involved it can become the break-up of a family. The guidance of a Woodstock family lawyer will be of great importance as you deal with child contact issues.

Visiting a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Your Woodstock family attorney is unlikely to encourage you to share your children’s visits with a boyfriend or girlfriend. These visits are time set aside for you and your children to spend together. Your children need and want to be with you and may not want to share you with someone else. By introducing another person, your children’s private time with mommy or daddy is no longer private and the children may begin to wonder whether they are as important to you as the other person seems to be. Further, since your attention during such visits must necessarily be divided, they may feel that they are an inconvenience—that perhaps mommy and daddy would rather be with the significant other and they are in the way. Your children must always know that they are first in your affections and their welfare and best interests should always take priority.

Maintaining the Schedule

The time you set aside for your children should be scheduled on a regular, predictable and recurring basis, with as few changes as can reasonably be possible. Your Woodstock family attorney will remind you that if for some reason you are unable to meet with your children at the normal time you must advise the other parent and the child immediately. Let them know when to expect you, and then be there at the rescheduled time without fail. Failure to do this is more than bad manners. It tells the child that they’re not important enough for you to remember that you were supposed to come for them.

Changes to the Schedule

No schedule is ironclad, and your Woodstock family attorney can tell you that there will be times when you will need to make adjustments. By scheduling a meeting with your ex-spouse at regular intervals you can make such alterations as may be necessary as your children grow and their needs change.

When the Other Parent Has Custody

Regardless of which parent has custody, your children need both of you. An experienced Woodstock family attorney can advise you that it is necessary for the child’s happiness and well-being that both mother and father are there for him. That is what these contact visits are for. They are intended to reinforce the love that you both have for the children. Your divorce may separate you from your spouse, but it should not separate you both from your children.

Activities with Dad

Sometimes a father, especially a father of a very young child, is unsure of what to do or how to spend his contact visits. He may wonder where to take the child or what kinds of things the child may like to do. The one activity that the child is likely to prize most highly is simply being with Daddy. It may be nice to go places or do things he/she might not ordinarily be able to do but the most precious gift you can give to your child, next to your love, is your time. Your Woodstock family attorney may recommend that you find a father’s group or to take a course in parenting if you feel that you need additional support.

Help Is Available

Your Woodstock family attorney has the experience, training and skill to guide you when you need help with the divorce process and the effect it has on you and your family. Don’t wait. Call the Stetler Law Group at (815) 529-4554 today.