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How to Search for a Divorce Lawyer

If you have never searched for a divorce lawyer before, it can be little confusing.  For many other types of services, you would search by city or possibly by state.  However, lawyers tend to characterize their practice by a difference geographic area — county.

Lawyers distinguish themselves by the areas in which they practice and the locations in which they practice.  I, for instance, limit my practice to divorce, family law and estate planning.  I practice in McHenry County, Boone County, Kane County, Lake County, Cook County, DuPage County, DeKalb County and Winnebago County.  The counties in which a divorce lawyer practices is more important than the cities of practice because all divorce actions in a county are heard at the county courthouse.

The vast majority of my cases are in McHenry County.  I practice as a divorce lawyer in Woodstock, Illinois, but, in reality, the main target of my practice (and the area that I know best) includes all of McHenry County.  During my decade practicing as a divorce lawyer and family law attorney in McHenry County, I have become extremely familiar with the judges, other attorneys and intricacies of practice of divorce law in McHenry County.

While every lawyer in Illinois technically can practice in any area of law in any county in the state, I believe clients are best served by seeking out a lawyer that limits his or her practice to a couple areas and to focus on an attorney familiar with the county in which the case will be heard.  That is why I choose to limit my practice to divorce law, family law and estate planning.  By restricting my practice as a divorce lawyer in McHenry County, Illinois, I believe I can provide the highest level of service and expertise to my clients.  If you are getting divorced and are in McHenry County, whether Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Huntley, McHenry, Wonder Lake or any other city, consider contacting this highly qualified McHenry County divorce attorney for a free initial consultation.