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Parenting Plans for Kids 3 to 5

Woodstock family law attorneyAs you and your former spouse consider the best parenting plan for your child age 3 to 5, your Woodstock family law attorney can provide you with helpful information. The best parenting plan will take the child’s needs into consideration.

Developmental Needs

Your Woodstock family lawyer can explain that kids in this age group are learning more about the world around them as they explore their environment and their imagination. They have not yet developed a full sense of time at this age, so if a parent leaves, he or she may be afraid that the parent will be gone for a long time or the other parent will leave, too.


It is not uncommon for a Woodstock family lawyer to see children of this age to regress in their development. They may start sucking their thumb again, wetting their bed, asking for a bottle or being clingy. A Woodstock family law attorney may caution that conflict between the parents can make these behaviors more pronounced or cause other disruptive behavior.

Parenting Plan Options

Children in this age thrive on routine. Therefore, an ideal parenting plan will focus on keeping the plan predictable, establishing a routine and providing structure to the child. Additionally, his or her daily schedule should be cataloged. Kids of this age can handle being with each parent for a longer period of time, especially when this setup helps to serve the child’s best interest. Parents should have time with the child as predictable portions of the daily schedule. Because children start to recognize rituals, holiday times are especially important. Therefore, each parent should have an opportunity to have holidays with the child so that these rituals can be forged. A parenting plan may also include the requirement to meet with a therapist or mediator when conflicts do emerge so that they can be handled promptly and appropriately.

If you would like more information on developing a parenting plan for your preschooler that serves his or her best interest, contact a Woodstock family law attorney from the Stetler Law Group by calling us at (815) 529-4554.