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Mistakes Often Made During And After A Divorce

Woodstock family lawyerA Woodstock family law attorney will explain mistakes that are commonly made when a couple divorces.

Mistakes Are Often Made Regarding Finances

A Woodstock family lawyer often sees the following mistakes made regarding finances when a couple divorces:

1) Credit cards and bank accounts are mishandled. In certain instances a spouse will withdraw more money that they’re entitled to from a bank account in both names. They might behave vindictively by making significant charges on a joint credit card.

2) Failing to disclose information about finances. It is possible for the attorneys to acquire financial information, but this can be expensive and take more time than is necessary.

3) One spouse tries to hide assets and income. Attorneys often use private investigators to gather information and evidence regarding assets and income. Hiding them is usually fruitless and might anger the judge.

Mistakes With Dating

Spouses might start a new relationship while the divorce is ongoing or soon after it is completed. A Woodstock family lawyer will tell you that this could spur feelings of jealousy and lead to repercussions and vindictiveness in the divorce.

Errors Made When Trying To Come To An Agreement

People might make the following mistakes during negotiations:

1) Being overly difficult. If a spouse is unreasonable, lies or is difficult for its own sake, it will delay the conclusion of the divorce. It will cost more to litigate and not solve anything.

2) Fighting long after the divorce. When there are children from a marriage, the court battle can go on long after the divorce. This can harm the family’s finances and cause friction involving the children.

Speak To A Woodstock Family Law Attorney

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