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How Does Divorce Work? Our McHenry Divorce Attorneys Tell You

rings gavel McHenry Divorce AttorneysIf you and your spouse are divorcing or planning on doing so, our McHenry divorce attorneys may be able to help you settle things outside of court instead of going to divorce court. Going to court may seem like a good idea, but it may actually make your problems worse. If you are eager for your day in court, believe that court is the best way to earn justice for all the wrongdoings your spouse is responsible for, and believe the judge will sympathize with you and punish your spouse, you may be disappointed. The only thing “running to court” really does is let the world know all about your personal business. Divorce court is actually not about vindication and punishment. Dispute resolution is the sole purpose of a divorce trial. For example, if you and your spouse cannot agree on how to parent your children and divide your property, a stranger will decide for you. You can end up spending a substantial amount of money on a trial only for the trial to end up causing pain and resulting in a loss of control over your property, money and children. You can spend money to have a stranger who is no smarter than you, a stranger who has no extra information that you can use, divide your property for you and tell you how to spend your money and raise your children. This is what happens when you rely on a judge to resolve your disputes instead of taking care of things on your own with the help of McHenry divorce attorneys. If you do choose to rely on a judge, you are more likely to continue going to court until your youngest child becomes an adult. Not only will you possibly end up financially broken, but you will be stressed and your children may become irreparably emotionally damaged. Therefore, it can be assumed that it is not in your family’s best interests to have a stranger tell you how to parent your children and divide your property. You can assume you will enjoy a more satisfying result if you and your spouse decide what you can each give up instead.

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